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About is an evolving electronic innovative interactive concept in which users can actively participate in order to incorporate language changes into our project.

We aim to document the ongoing language change and to put this record at the disposal of our users.

We want our database of references to always be up to date. Therefore, writers, linguists and people from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds are involved in the project.

Only with such a broad base can we tackle the mammoth task of capturing all the nuances and small differences of the language. We want to share this knowledge with our users. In turn, the inexhaustible language knowledge of our users improves our ability to record and share the smallest nuances and subtleties of the language.

Our multidisciplinary thesaurus features synonyms, antonyms and cross-references in an easy-to-use format, succinct word definitions, pictures, and an innovative hyperlinked category index that encourages exploration and learning. Users will understand language in a powerful new way. moved forward to ontology-based thesaurus management and semantic web technologies conformant to W3C recommendations as well as latest trends in thesaurus standards.

Most fields in our records are written in English. However, the structure of the project supports multilinguality for terms and scope notes. All terms are written in Unicode. The overall record-preferred term, which is also the English-preferred term, is written in the Roman alphabet.

The languages for the terms may also be included. A given term may have multiple language designations because it may have the same spelling in multiple languages. Currently in, the British English term will be included if it is spelled differently from the American English term. If the term is spelled the same in British and American English, the language designation is English. In some records, terms in additional languages may be included as well.